Sports Events Management Organization

About Us

We, Sports Events Management Organization (SEMO), as a professional event management company bring to Oman professionally organized fun filled Sports events. We believe that sports brings society together. Just picture a game of tennis which we follow on the television in a professionally organized event, or the volleyball game we follow during the beach games competition or a football game, being played by our children in the school playground and watched by us (The parents). The positive impact of playing sports is undeniable; it improves our health, encourages us to work together in teams and brings people together.

SEMO aims to recognize the potential of the Omani youth. We want to do our part in supporting them in fine tuning their skill levels. SEMO is dedicated to the Omani Sports scene development and will strive to uncover those talented youth (whether Omani or resident expat living in Oman) to the local and international community of athletes. We will do our best to help advance their professional sports career wherever we can. Collaborating with local partners and sponsors is essential for us to provide the necessary support to our players. We are counting on them to help us achieve more.

Our Mission

At SEMO we are driven by our passion for all sports. We will become the leading sports events organizers in Oman and we are proud to contribute to making our community healthier.

Our Vision

We envision the Omani Flag getting raised on the pedestals of a multitude of National, as well as International Sports Events.